Presentations by Urban Larsson:

Montpellier, Feb 2016 Institute Montpelliérain Alexander Grothendieck, invited by Dr. J. Chappelon.

MDH, Västerås Dec 2015, MAM-seminar, invited by Professor K. Eriksson, Title: Self-organization and combinatorial games, presentation in keynote , presentation in pdf (without animation) with M. Cook, E. Friedman, S. Garrabrand, A. Landsberg, T. Neary, I. Phipps-Morgan

West Chester University Oct 2015, invited by M. Fisher, Title: Absolute combinatorial game theory, with C. Santos and R. J. Nowakowski.

2015, Sept: Dalhousie University, Two game theory seminars, "Renormalization and combinatorial games", and "The star-operator in impartial vector subtraction games".

2015, Aug: MOVES conference 2015, Momath NYC, an amazing conference in honor of Berlekamp, Conway, Guy presentation in keynote , presentation in pdf, with S. Rubinstein-Salzedo.

2015, June: Turku, Automata 2015, invited by professor J. Kari, this time M. Cook gave the talk on "A Cellular Automaton for Blocking Queen games". (My slides are just below.)

2015, June: Chalmers, Diskreta Seminariet, invited by Professor Hegarty, and Dalhousie University March 2015, Game theory seminar, invited by E. Roshanbin, A Cellular Automaton for Blocking Queen Games.

2015*, April: University of the Virgin Islands, invited by Dr. D. Ianucci.

2015*, Jan: University of Lisbon, G4G Europe, invited by Dr. C. Santos.

2015, Jan: University of Lisbon, CGTC 1, invited by Dr, C. Santos. I present slides on our--with Santos and Nowakowski--second scoring games' paper. Now we found proofs for all the reduction theorems and we are approaching constructive comparison, the conjugate-invertibility property is already established. The first scoring games' paper was presented at Rutgers, MIT, and at IMUAMS below.

2014, Oct: MIT, invited by Professor H. Cohn, Scoring games, part 1 (The same slides as 2014, June talk 2 below)

2014, Oct: Rutgers, invited by Professors V. Gurvich and E. Boros, Scoring games, part 1 (The same slides as 2014, June talk 2 below)

2014*, Sept: Corner Brooks University seminar, invited by Dr. R. Milley.

2014*, June: I presented Combinatorial games and Computability at Davidson Institute of Science Education, The Weizmann Institute of Science, Recreational math meeting 2014, invited by A. S. Fraenkel.

2014, June: I (am probably the only speaker who) gave two talks, talk 1, talk 2, at the Second Joint International Meeting of the Israel Mathematical Union and the American Mathematical Society (IMUAMS). This is the first presentation of our Guaranteed Scoring games; we explore the natural embedding of Conway games to Guarnateed scoring games, and how Ettinger's ideas generalize to comparison with numbers. The same talk is also given at MIT and Rutgers above.

2013: Stony Brook 2013, Economic game theory workshop in computational game theory, invited by Professor B. von Stengel, Imitation nim presentation.

2013: Vetenskapsfestivalen, invited by Professor U. Persson, Chalmers and University of Goteborg, talk. This is my most popular talk; it was created for this popular event, but was later given for various audiences around the world, ranging from professors of mathematics, to undergraduates and at recreational math events. Those events are indicated by * above.

2012: This time I meant to have resolved a recent conjecture on the GDWN games, and the talk was presented first twice, at CANT 2012 and Games at Dal 2012, (1,2)-GDWN splits. There was a flaw in the proof of the submitted manuscript though, which was noted by the referee. I found the problem, corrected and simplified the appraoch substantially, and then explained the proof in a third talk; see 2014, June, IMUAMS, talk 2.

2012: International Game Theory Webinar 2012 and Logikseminariet: Undecidable heap games and cellular automata text slides and figures slides.

2011: INTEGERS 2011, "take away" games and rule 110, combinatorial games emulating Wolfram's rule 60 and rule 110 cellular automata, the latter proved undecidable around year 2000 by Matthew Cook.

2011: CANT 2011, a conference in additiv number theory, Undecidable heap games, with J. Wästlund. Some screen shots of simulations figures and the program which created them, applet.

2011: B.I.R.S 2011, a conference in combinatorial game theory "star2 convergence" .

2010: I gave a talk at three events about a resolution of a conjecture, CANT 2010, New York, Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, and the Discrete Seminar at Chalmers on the Duchêne-Rigo Conjecture. See also The D-U seminar (the first minute is a bit wobbly due to a lost tripod).

2009: The Integers 2009 conference Geography and the Galton-Watson tree, work in progress together with J. Wästlund.

2008: I joined a workshop in Combinatorial Game Theory at the research station B.I.R.S in Banff, Canada, and presented the preprint below on Wythoff Blocking Nim and p-complementarity, GONC 4.

2007: Beamer-slides for the Integers 2007 conference in West Georgia, Imitation Nim slides. These slides were also used for combinatorics seminar in November 2007 at KTH Stockholm and in April 2008 at Chalmers, Goteborg University;

2007: Slides from CANT, New York, May 2007, Blocking Wythoff games.

2005: Slides from a combinatorics seminar at Chalmers, Wythoff pairs, arrays and permutations.