Games@Carmel 2018

Photo by Viktória Lázár. Thanks to Colin M.L. Burnett.

May 2018, 14-17th

This is a workshop in Combinatorial Game Theory organized by Urban Larsson, the Game Theory group at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel. For info and registration (registration is free and part time registration is also possible), email: urban(at)

Important update. The talks by Carlos p. Santos and Urban Larsson have been moved to Wednesday morning. Wednesday we will start the talks at 9.30 am. Tuesday is as planned, workshop subjects in the library room. See updated plan: Plan and talks pdf

Monday May 14, Bloomfield 527, seminars 9.00 am to 11.00 am: talks by Mike Fisher, West Chester University and Reshef Meir, Technion (both postponed to Wednesday 16th May), Carlos P. dos Santos, Lisbon University, Gal Cohensius, Technion, Aviezri. S. Fraenkel, Weizmann Institute of Science, Urban Larsson, Technion. Talks. pm: Workshop, library Cooper building.

Tuesday May 15, Library Cooper building, workshop.

Wednesday May 16, Seminars and workshop in Bloomfield building room 526. Talks: Urban Larsson 9.30 am, Mike Fisher 10.00 am, Reshef Meir 10.30 am, and Carlos P. dos Santos 11.00 am.

Thursday May 17, Workshop in Bloomfield building room 153.